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    I am curious if there is a centralized website to lookup what fun places are available.
    These target areas
    1) bars and clubs / entertainment business ( dance clubs , strip clubs , drink clubs , sports clubs...etc by selecting your state )
    2) museums and parks ( industrial , educations , kids , and fun ones all in your state or by selecting your state )
    3) scenic places in your state
    4) beaches or lakes in your state.

    But currently out of the 4 mostly interested in arts and industrial museums for historical purposes of engineering , art , physic/sciences

    This is similar to my other post on manufacture/plant tours.
    With this question I haven't found a good way to look up museums , art , and parks in a easy way that lie in my state.

    The other types usually google can give me to some extent
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    Yelp? Mapquest?