Much needed Advice on Building Custom High/Low beam spot light please

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Hi there

I'm interested in some advice on making my own Spot light which can be used on a small motorcycle with high and low beam function via a switch. In terms of dimension it can't be more then 50mm in diameter..

Have come across a few lights on the market which match my requirements however their always too big or don't offer both high and low beam. The spots lights which do offer just high and low cost £80 each which gave me the idea of making my own instead of spending over £150

Require some advice on if it's worth doing and how much it's likely to cost overall please. I'm not very familiar with electronics however have always had a passion for it so prepared to do some learning for as long as need be and at the same time more then happy to pay anyone here if they can help me build one. Will be an interesting project for me none the less..

The links below show two lights i'm interested in however both have a strobe function which is not road worthy and from allot of research the board cannot be modified to remove the just the strobe.

I'm hoping if all goes well to use the housing/case from one of these lights to build my own high low beam light, with your help of course. I'm happy to settle for either LED of HID depending on which you think will be easier.. HID create more heat so no sure if using them in small housings will be good. Let see

I'm open to any suggestions so please feel free to share your thoughts.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon