MPLAB simulator problem

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Hi folks so to start - I program in assembler, use MPLAB X 5.35 and MPASM.

Ok this problem has just occurred and I cannot work out what is happening!

Last week I was simulating some code on a PIC12f1822 and everything ran fine. Yesterday I starting working on code for a 16F1825 but when I come to simulate this morning the code gets to the line beyond org 0 and stops.

When I open last week's project it does the same thing too!

Tried re-installing (although not removing first MPLAB and the same problem.

The simulator works for a 16f688 just not the too above, but there have not been issues when simulating previously!

Can anyone shed any light please?


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Not sure if you tried this. You may want to go in and delete all the intermediate compilation files. I have found sometimes they get corrupted.