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Need Brush type DC motor. Need 20+ pieces. Motor must meet attached drawing, this is not a hobby motor.
Minor rear end bell mechanical changes would be considered.
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There are very few N.A. made DC brushed motors & manuf. now.
Apart from the many small DC brushed motors available from Johnson (Chinese Co), one you may find that fits the bill fairly closely is in the automotive range, although many have gone over to BLDC, there are still quite a few that make small powerful DC brushed motors around this size for automotive seat movement etc.
What is the application?


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Portescap is one supplier of small instrument quality motors, there are a few others whose ads I do not recall the names of. Also check Digikey, which is a distributor of electrical and electronic stuff. If they do not carry it, they can point you to somebody who does. Also try "Automation Direct", if they have it, their prices are better. And then "Oh Wow!!!!" is that the same company that used to be "Superior Electric", We used trucklods of those steppers back in the 1978-1979 era.!
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