Motor controll - remote controlled casement window project

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I have a casement window that uses crank handle to open and close it.

Here is the photo of the window crank mechanism:

I am trying to create a motorized way to open and close the window because it is difficult to reach (think of skylight).

I have the following parts
- a 12v motor with reduction gear that does 6 rpm.
- a aluminum coupler to connect the motor shaft with the crank shaft.
- a motor controller that has three-position (clockwise - off - counterclockwise) momentary switch
- a 12v power supply

Photo of the parts:

I understand I will need to fabricate some sort of mounting structure with wood or 3d printed plastic.

What I don't get is a way to stop the motor when the window is fully opened or closed so the resistance won't wear out the gear or burn the motor out.

Any inputs or sensor choice is appreciated. If there is any articles I will be interested.



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Search this site for "chicken coop door." The "chicken coop door" project is identical and comes up at least once per month, so you will find many examples of how this can be done.