Motor Control Using Infrared Sensors

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Motor Control Using Infrared Sensors

EL-7L : an infrared light emitting device

ST-7L : Infrared Light Receiver ( Photo transistor )

LM324 : OP-AMP

7404 : NOT Gate

L298N : Motor driver

LM7805C : Constant voltage regulator

When infrared rays are emitted from the infrared light emitting diode, infrared rays are applied to the light receiving diode when a person approaches, and the voltage rises, and both power + is transmitted to the motor driver by the comparator.
When a signal is applied to the sensor input unit terminal, an output signal is emitted to drive the motor for a predetermined time. After the door is opened, check whether the person is recognized by the sensor across from the automatic door. If a signal is detected by the sensor continuously, the door remains open. If the sensor across the automatic door does not recognize the signal, the door is closed.

The output of the upper LM324 comparator is configured exactly as shown in the figure, and output No. 1 is 200 mv. And output 1 below normally comes out at 8V. I think the first output at the top should also come out normally, but I tried it in various ways such as device replacement, breadboard, and jump line, but the output does not change. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if anyone knew what the problem i.