MIT XOD Visual Programming Language

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I know you have been waiting with baited breath for another VPL (Visual Programming Language),
and here it is.

XOD. supports raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, others being worked on. Learning curve of XOD versus others,
compared in following link, a little steeper. But visually more of a flow chart presentation, which for us visual
learners very nice. And seems to have a little more deeper control of chip resources.

Here is an example of a state sequencer. Blocks unconnected to right I was examining,

There is a project inspector (configuration) for each block and a help description in right hand windows.
XOD likes calling each resource block a NODE, unlike other VPLs a block, just to test whether we are
a gerbil or a person with hi IQ, >=10.......:)


Enjoy, soon AI will allow us to dictate to a machine via thought and our design will be done, code and prototype
generated in an instant. Soon.......:)

Regards, Dana.