Milwaukee M12-18FC Charger Repair

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So I followed quite a few youtube videos on the same topic, especially I like this one:

And this post with replies

I have fixed one M12-18C with replacing resistor and I ended with spare top256en

So I bought 4 of those M12-18FC only to find that only 2 of them have transformers and there is one transformer that does not have continuity on one of the circuits on the secondary coil. 1 transformer seems to have continuity on all the points, so I went further.

There is 1 top261en left that measures correct, same as my spare top256en
I have checked diodes, fuses and everything as the guy did in this video

So when I connect it to the mains I get 310 v DC after the bridge rectifier. Guy on the video gets 350v
I seem to have similar problem as on the capacitors after the transformer I have only 3.8v
and after the fix he did (replacing one diode) it was showing 10v on capacitors after the transformer.

So would the 310 v DC be enough or not? Any other ideas what to check? Good things is I have 4 boards almost same in total, bad thing is some of them are missing parts, but at least I can average out which reading is the correct one :)