Microcontroller Selection - Requirements below

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build a device that displays images or videos sent by a smartphone via bluetooth onto an LCD screen. However, I am not thinking about streaming the content in any way, but rather thinking about storing the images/videos in a flash storage unit on the device itself so that my display works even if Bluetooth is turned off on the phone. I am new to Microcontrollers and processors so I was wondering if you all had any idea on which MC to use. I read into ARM Cortex's and according to my research I believe the Cortex- M4 with DSP is optimal. I am looking for an MC that is 32-bit, supports BT/BLE(preferably the latest 5.0 modules of bluetooth-however I am open to discussion), uses DRAM or SDRAM, and has an operating voltage of 5V. The MC must have the ability to connect to an external flash memory storage compartment as well. An onboard antenna would help, but is not necessary. I would truly appreciate Microcontroller options that support these requirements. Please feel free to let me know if there is a more optimal Cortex to use. The max video sent from the phone to the device will be around 30 MB. Again, I really appreciate your time. Thank you in advance.

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