Microchip Code Configurator MCCP SPI Multiple Initialization Config. for SD Card

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Hello all!
I have recently begun the task of working w/ embedded C programming as I was a long time assembly language user w/ PIC16/18 microcontrollers. I like the ease of use and layout of the MCC (Microchip Code Configurator) and find it will be beneficial in my programming in the near future.
I have been going thru the tutorial on youtube by Student Companion(videos 46-48) which gives a step by step process on setting up XC8 and a PIC18f45k22 microcontroller to use a SD card. I have been using a PIC18f26k22 which is from the same family as used in this tutorial so the transition should be semi smooth.
The issue that I am facing is when setting up the MSSP1 peripheral in MCC as it has to have two clock speeds for use w/ the SD card. One has to be between 100-400 khz and the other(student companion sets up as)uses 8 mhz for normal operation. In the video they are able to have multiple Initialization configurations and name them with a unique name which I would choose. I can set only one configuration in my MCC version but I can not name it or find out how I would add a second Initialization configuration as they do in the video. The version of mcc that I am using is V3.55.1 (most recent version) and the student companion version in the video is a version from year 2015 but i can not see which version. I do see that the xc8 compiler they are using is v1.34 if that will help.
Can someone please explain how I would set up multiple initialization configurations and name them using MCC and SPI Master in the MSSP1 peripheral.
Thank you in advance.

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When you select the MSSP1 from peripherals, make sure it is the one for Foundation Service Library from Microchip.

When you get to this screen:

Click the +

You can add multiple initialization by clicking the + repeatedly. You can name each one and change speeds, etc... in each initialization.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your kind reply to my question. I was wondering aout what the difference was between the two choices available when I opened the MSSP peripheral in MCC. I was not sure of what the Foundation Service Library was. Your detailed description helped me figure MCC out that much more.