metal oxide varistors

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Can anybody explain these specifications of a lvm2p-075r14431.

the voltage rating is 240vac so presumably it is suitable for 240vac mains applications.

the varistor voltage is 430v and the clamping voltage is 710v.

as the peak voltage of the 240v wave is about 336v you would want a clamping voltage of say 400v. the varistor voltage of 430v comes close to this. a clamping voltage of 710v is way to high and a lot of damage could be caused to sensitive electronic components well below this voltage.

if iIwanted to protect a circuit from electric motor turn on and turn off spikes i can't see this mov doing it.

would i be protecting my circuit with this mov? or if not can anyone suggest a better mov?

I want to put the mov across the motor terminals.
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