Media Player keeps crashing -- need to filter +12V ?

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I have recently installed an Android 10.0 media player in the dashboard of a Class-C motorhome.
It is working great, EXCEPT....

After sitting on shorepower for a week or two, the media player does not respond to the ON button.
Removing the +12V line, waiting a few seconds, then reconnecting it, the issue is fixed by effectively rebooting the device.
The +12V supply comes from the four "house" batteries via the house fuse box, NOT from the vehicle battery. The coach battery bank is on constant float charge from the inverter/charger.
I have to wonder whether an occasional voltage spike is somehow being generated that jolts the media player into outer space.
I'm thinking I may need to filter the +12V supply just before it enters the media player.

Can I just put a big electrolytic capacitor across the power input? What value?
Should I add a diode to prevent the cap from being discharged by other coach loads? I know that will reduce voltage to the media player by 0.7 volts.
Should I add a resistor to retard the charge/discharge of the capacitor when power is applied or cut? What value?