Measure leakage inductance in multi-winding auto-transformers

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shahbaz khan

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Hello Everyone!
I have designed 2-kW, 18-pulse ATRU and tested it. For the sake of proper mathematical modeling, i need to find out the leakage Inductance in every winding. While surfing through internet and reading some related material, i found out that i must short circuit the secondary winding and apply 10Volts through LCR meter at primary that would give me Leakage inductance of Primary winding. Similar procedure is to be followed for the secondary winding. Now the confusion i have got is due to the structure of my transformer. I have attached my auto-transformer diagram. The question is that whether i need to short circuit all the windings on the three lims while finding the leakage inductance of "a" winding or just need to short circuit the remaining windings on that very specific limb of the core? thanks