Maxwell and Simplorer co-simulation problem

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    Aug 9, 2014
    Dear all,
    I have some problems with ANSYS Maxwell and Simplorer co-simulation. I simulated a 2-dimensional capacitor in Maxwell software. The simulation model is shown in the first picture. The two blue rectangles are electrodes and the brown one is the dielectric. I want to export it as an equivalent capacitor model to Simplorer circuit by selecting the menu item Simplorer Circuit > Sub Circuit > Maxwell Component > Add Equivalent Circuit. The equivalent model in Simplorer software is shown in the second picture. The upper pins represent the upper electrode and the under pins represent the under electrode. I used it as c capacitor in a boost converter circuit but it do not have the function and characteristics of a real capacitor. The boost converter circuit is shown in the third picture.
    Could anyone please tell me how to extract a capacitor from Maxwell to Simplorer circuit using Add Equivalent Circuit menu? And what is the meaning of the N1 and N2 pins in the second picture? How should I connect these pins with other components in the Simplorer ciucuit?
    Thank you very much for your help!
    Maxwell capacitor.png
    equivalent circuit.png Simplorer boost converter.png