Matlab : Need to find the position of center of sun from an image

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I need to find the position of sun from an image.
I have no clue how to do it tried some things but it didnt work out.
If any body has any idea please respond to me asap.
Code will be more helpful.
Thank you

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How is that possible?
I also need to know the pixel position of sun
I assume your using software of some kind
what is the language your using ?

I assume this is going to run on a computer
What OS are you using or is it a micro

How is the picture presented to the computer ?
is it encoded / compressed
is it colour or grey scale
how many levels of each ?

Is it one picture, or a stream as in a video ?

Dose the picture have an obvious "sun" , or is something like a holiday snap ?

do you need to give the system a hint as to where the sun is.

Of cource,
if its just one picture, printed out,
then the centre can be found by using a triangle, rotated around the circle,
the centre line of the triangle will converge at the centre.