Mathematics of electrical movement ultrasonic detector circuits

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I am an Norwegian university student on my second year, first year with electronics an have been given the task of making the attached circuit. I have manage to make it, and it works. The task it not only to make it but to describe how and why it works. I have managed the how part, the problem is the why part. I do not know how to describe the mathematics of the circuit or even where to start. The problem i have is to find the calculations for the circuit so that i can describe why i get the measurements i get and how the different op-amps work. I have read all the attachments, where the additional information one gives the best description, but i do not know the mathematics. So can any of you help me with the mathematics or at least how to start or where to look for help.

Additional information:
I have used Proteus to draw the circuit, but i don't manage to run simulations on it.