MARIE ASSEMBLY PROGRAM to sort integer values

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    Nov 15, 2014
    You are to write an assembly language program for the MARIE ISA. The program will sort an array of integers in ascending order.
    The general structure of the assembly language source code is illustrated in figure 1. Note that your code will precede the data area.
    ORG 100
    /Your program goes here
    Addr, HEX 200 /Address of 1st array elements
    N, DEC 6 /Number of array elements
    DEC 18 /First Value
    DEC -3
    DEC 10
    DEC 1
    DEC -3
    DEC 0
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    And? Is there a question there?

    The way Homework Help works is that you explain the problem, then show your work and tell us what's not working or where you are stuck

    So can you show your program thus far?