Making a 5v 1Ah solar array. [HELP]

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    Apr 18, 2016
    Hi there, I am doing my best looking up things on the internet, but I am getting a little lost in some of the simple matters.

    Currently I have in my possession, around 50 of these blighters. ;) Failed ebay seller :D

    Solar panel power: 7V, 1.12W
    Solar panel size: 11*11cm
    Pump power: 7V, 160MA
    Cable lenght: about 320cm
    Life time: ≥ 20000hours

    Please can you help me in the following.

    I am looking to create (firstly) a 5v 1Ah array.
    I will need a 5v regulator to bring down the 7V (I get ~8 some days 7.8v) to 5.
    If I have a 5v 2Ah battery, will this cause issues? Or would it take twice as long to charge? Does this also mean that the array would last twice as long powering the 5V 1Ah . (Presuming the battery was at full strength)

    I will need to use more than one panel in parallel to be able to supply the ampere needed
    I will need some form of battery bank / to hold the charge
    I will need a diode to stop any power going in the wrong direction (put at the + of the solar panel?)

    I will upload some pictures of the solar panel tonight as I would also like to ask, there is an IC inside the panel with a cap, should I bypass this, and take the power from the solar panel directly, or should I use the IC that is inside?

    Again I will upload the images tonight and I thank any one that is willing to help a rookie try to learn.
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    An amp•hour is a stored charge. Your array cannot store energy. Perhaps you mean 5V, 1A? That's a 5W array.
    Maybe not. Your 5V battery is a like a giant voltage regulator.
    I'm not sure what you are asking. In theory, it takes 2 hours of charging at 1A to produce 2Ah.
    One thing you have not mentioned is the battery you intend to use, and any charge controller for it. It's possible you won't need anything fancy, but you might. It depends on how well the panels and the battery size and chemistry match up.
    All true. Some panels have the blocking diode built in. You may also need a charge controller.
    Hmmm... Let's wait and see those photos. We need to know what that IC is doing. I suspect you will want to bypass it. It may have something to do with pulse-starting the motor under low light.
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    Apr 18, 2016
    I a so sorry, I A lost my draft that I was working on all week.
    I am a busy person.

    So here are the images and I am sorry for getting some of my terminology wrong.

    I was looking to be able to use a few of these in parallel to bump up the ampre.

    I have LOTS of 5v 800-1.5 Ah devices that need charging.
    So I am looking into making a HOLDING station that contains the charge and then can charge the devices later.

    I have TONNES of batteries inc these 3.7 3400ah So please help me use these as the battery bank.