If you don’t know about these, be prepared to learn a “secret”…

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Sometimes we don‘t know about something that can be a real fabricating-life enhancement. Many of you will already know about this edition‘s item but many will not—this entry is for both of you because it includes background and some sources.

Do you use these clever and effective things?
Is this all new to you?
Do you have tips, tricks, warnings, or something else?

Please add your experience and ideas in this thread.


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I will share something that I tried recently that worked out really well. I needed a dual bench supply. I wanted to make it by using parts already had. For the cabinet, I had a very nice slope-fronted box, the perfect size for the controls and four panel meters. The only problem was that it had some holes in it from it's previous life that were in the wrong places.
I solved the problem by making a front panel overlay from 1/2mm thick black plastic sheet. After I made the correct holes in the front panel, I stuck the sheet on with cyanoacrylate and cut the holes in it, from the back, with a hobby knife. The plastic sheet was very inexpensive and looks very professional.

Final 001.jpg