Macbook A1278 logic board repair 2012 MBP

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I have a 2012 macbook pro i5 2.5GHz laptop that had a water spill. It charges but won't turn on. The logic board looks completely fine except for the one part I have pictured (looks melted). What is this part? How difficult would it be to replace? I am a novice to logic board repair and have some soldering experience under my belt. Any idea what I might try, and how likely would it be that changing this part fixes the computer? Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!



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The odds of a successful DIY repair are essentially zero, in my opinion. First, you'll battle a complete deficit of information. No way you'll get anything from Apple (or any other laptop maker) in the way of a schematic. Second, there's no guarantee that replacing the burnt chip will fix the motherboard, since it may have taken other parts along with it. The part may be proprietary. The circuit board is multi-layer and state-of-the-art for small.

If you can, I'd try to replace the entire motherboard. That's what Apple would do if you took it to them for a repair.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I own a Macbook and have done minor work on a couple others in the family. No way I'd tackle this one.