lwIP on STM32F407 work only with debugger w/STMCubeMX and Keil

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Hello everybody

As announced in the title of the post, I am working on STM32 which I want to connect thanks to the Ethernet and LWIP config. Right now, I just want to ping my card.

I followed several tutorials on websites and youtube. My setup is good. I can ping my card at the address configured in lwip.c
BUT I can only ping with the debugger and I need to force the run 4 times to be able to ping and to call my main.c

For a simply soft to blink led, your build, your flash and the system run.
In my case, i need to run 4 times and i can do that only with debugger.
That's happened just if MX_Lwip_init() or/and MX_LWIP_process() are called
I think something happened when i build but i don't know what.

Thanks if someone have response

Have a good day !