LTSPICE XVII missing schematic for created symbol

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Hello All,

Pretty new to LTspice, 4 weeks, but I have been creating quite a few circuits. During the 4 weeks I have created multiple new symbols with schematics and after a few hard lessons had it down pat, or so I thought. Last night I was creating a new circuit and when I tested it with one of my symbols (worked for the last few weeks just fine) the symbol now states: Missing schematics of the hierarchy.

In fact after testing multiple symbols that were working perfectly are all giving me the same error.

I uninstalled LTspice and re-installed, tried save-as to over right the files maybe thinking there was a file format issue. I opened the net files and found nothing that tells me the symbol and the schematic are associated with each other. I have both the files in the same folder, nothing all my creations are messed up

Anyone have any ideas for me to try?