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When it comes to the internet I am not a believing child. A belly button is a scar from the placenta. No placenta no fetus, no fetus no life. The placenta is there from square one, it develops before the fetus if I'm not mistaken, or at least the same time.

Have any links to people without a belly button?

One way to loose it would be weight loss surgery, when they are taking in all the extra skin if you've lost a lot of weight. I'm betting a competent surgeon will keep it intact though.


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@ Riaff,what is the real odds that you will ever make it to Florida.
Members what would you do to get Riaff to Florida...Joey are you able
to do working visas,since you are in manufactoring...just for FYI.
Riaff how would the process to leave your country work,what would it
take to get into the U.S...you can tell your knowledge level is real.
Is your belly button in or out,were you born at home.
He can stay at my house if he wants. I live on the water.