Looking to get better at this, not sure how

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hello all, this board has been an excellent resource for me while I was obtaining my Associates, I was looking to get a little more help, please allow me to explain my situation.

While I was in school; graduated with my associates in electronic systems engineering in October; I had the good fortune of working in the automation field as a PM tech with plenty of cross training with some knowledgeable techs and an engineer who was more than happy to impart knowledge on everything from PLC's to pneumatics. Things changed at my workplace and soon the engineer and the more electronically knowledgeable techs left, I was given a promotion leading and overseeing a safety systems project that works with risk assessments.

Unfortunatley with my limited field experience; most of my knowledge is from the class room and Im unfamiliar with how you would do a grounding/bonding test on a press or how to create a wiring diagram from scratch. I feel as if I am the last line here and while there are people who can help me here, they either are too busy or just arent interested,

Im just wondering what I can do to better myself, I've never wired a complete control system, what would be good practice? Ive never drawn a wiring diagram from scratch, where can I go to have my work checked?

if youve gotten this far, thanks for reading
just looking for a little guidence,


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the only advice i could give about unknowns is they always look harder than they really are. do your best to break down a problem into a group of smaller tasks. For wiring, put lables on EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH. Disconnecting and tracing will be easier this way. It is more work, but worth the effort