Looking into options for remote switching ac or 24v dc gear motor to drive gondola car

For above situation, what would you use to propel car back and forth?

  • 24v dc drive motor

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  • ac motor with remote controller

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  • larger 12v dc drive motor

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Brad Koerkenmeier

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Hello, I have a cable car that is used to cross about a 120ft river. I currently have 2 12 volt batteries in parallel and a 12 v gear motor to drive sheaves that ride on a 3/4" cable. I have a dayton drive controller used to control direction. I want to upgrade due to requirement to charge batteries and underpowered motor. I would like to drive it with an ac motor from one side of the bank, however, others are recommending sticking with a dc, but going to a 24v setup. I have found a remote dc motor controller on amazon: uxcell 12V 24V 30V Wireless Remote Control DC Motor Speed Controller Reversing Control by uxcell. I think it would work well for the 24v dc motor option. I could then use the remote to control the motor from the gondola without the added weight of the batteries.
Please ignore Miley Cyrus in the picture below. The picture was found on facebook by a family friend. We had tresspassers (Can't stop people coming up the river) We now insure it is always locked. Anyhow, the drive motor is under the yellow plastic cover on the top left. I think the ideal solution would be to find a way to remotely control an ac motor attached to smaller cables to pull the car back and forth. Any ideas appreciated!! Thank you!