Looking for slide switch KNOB...

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Hello all.
Anyone knows where to buy this slide switch KNOB assembly, as shown on the picture, or very similar ? NOT the magnetic reed switch element under it.



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your question contains (possibly) your answer
nope my enlish skills do not allow describing for the search engine the magnet slider for Reed ON-OFF switch ← or then there is no such products (which i doubt ...)


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Most things like that are proprietary, made by the manufacturer for the product. Maybe go to a dollar type store or Walmart to find something cheap using one and adapt it to your needs. Or like Alec said make one.


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Slide switches are pretty much the rule in model airplanes -- much harder than toggle switches to change accidentally.

Here's a JR example: 1574465971401.png

Usually black, rather than red actuator. As for that metal face plate/bezel, I have never seen anything exactly like that. If the old one is lost, I would just cobble something from half hard aluminum (3000 series). It's very easy to work and very common.

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Thanks, gentlemen.
jpanhalt : Use is to 100m sea depth, actuating magnetic reed switches; embedded in the red 'knob' there is a Nd magnet. Making one is not too much of a problem, dozens is :(
(Picture is from a scuba light, there is no hole towards internals under the knob)