Looking for Open API 220V switch


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No one?
Really no 220V switches witch can be controlled by HTTP calls out there?
Not complete with certifications and open API.. (not that you clarified what certifications you are interested in.. UL? IEC? EN? FCC? and you might want to clarify what open API means to you )
And state your country so we know what 220V you are referring to..

What are you trying to do?
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Ok point taken :)

I am building a software platform where I vizualise data from some sensors app.spiio.com (you can login as a demo user).
Now I want to make a little expansion so I can also control some pumps based on my sensor readings.
My users typically use 220V 50Hz 3phased pumps (i am in Europe, Denmark).

I usually build hardware myself but because I want to cut the part of the supply chain related to the hardware I am experimenting with licensing stuff.
For instance the rachio is a 24VAC wifi connected controlled with an open HTTP API (GET/PUT)
Something like that just controlling relays capable of handling 220V AC would be perfect :)

Our app is programmed in javascript so other kinds of API could work.

Don't read to much into what I wrote about certifications, basically what I mean is just that I would like to use a device fabricated by a professional company and not something home brewed because I am playing with 220V, pumps and water :)