Looking for help with a build


Joined Jan 15, 2015
Your image reflects an ESP32 development board. Suitable for programming using an Arduino IDE. You start with a clean sheet of paper and define exactly what you expect your program to do. You also appear to have a DHT series temperature / humidity module in there for reasons I haven't a clue. I have no idea why you have a ESP wireless module if all you want to do is control a pump? All you need is a plain Jane uC like any of the Arduino boards or similar. You have what looks to be a relay card switching a main pump 120 VAC or 110 VAC. Then another card for a DC pump, no clue what that is all about and finally what looks to be a temperature humidity sensor.

Nobody can just write code less knowing exactly what the code is supposed to do, in detail. Yes, post any code you have and questions based on what you have and what you expect and again in detail.