Looking for help wiring a Dayton Fan Duty Motor #3M298

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Hello everyone

I'm new to this forum, and pretty green when it comes to electrical. I've looked through a lot of the posted threads, but was unable to find any wiring diagrams for this model motor. I tried to "google" info about this motor, but it appears that it's a discontinued model.
I don't have any wiring connections, but the following is the name plate information on the motor:

Dayton Fan Duty Motor
Model 3M298
Volt - 115
HP - 1/3 B
RPM - 1075/var
PH - 1 HZ -60
Mfg. Model - K55XZGHY3968 Mfg. No. - F74 8

Capacitor: Mallory
7 MFD - 370 VAC

The motor has 5 wires ( black, white, orange, yellow, blue + ground coming out of connection box. I was able to get it to run at three different speeds using the white wire as common and then connecting the hot individually to each: black runs at the slow speed; yellow at medium speed, blue at high speed. It it seems run ok the low speed but gets nosier and runs rougher as I switched to the higher speeds, as if its not getting to full speed.
I don't know where the orange is connected. I'm wondering can anyone lead me straight on this motor and tell what I have and how to wire it.
I've attached a few pics of the motor and internal wiring. With the lower rpm , I'm hoping to use it for polishing and buffing.


DSC00354.JPG DSC00360.JPG DSC00362.JPG DSC00363.JPG DSC00353.JPG


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Since Dayton is a Grainger Industrial Supply house brand, you might call them for help. I've always found them good to work with on questions.