Looking for help to create a simple multiple (up to 4) 433Mhz transmitters to one receiver

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    I disagree. You're gona have to do this all over again with those recommendations.

    It will happen when you go to collect your gear and find bait gone without alarm. Something will fail...and you won't know it......or when it happened.

    To be sure that your system remains in a functional state.......you must poll the poles sorta speak.

    You give the trigger a two state existence. Every couple of minutes....poll the poles for trigger state.

    The polling isn't for fish detection......it's a com and trigger check. The pole transmitter sends the alarm with any suggested encoding.

    A "transceiver" that checks for channel activity works good too.

    Go to first class and put a transceiver on the pole.
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    Feb 8, 2018
    Ok, so when a fish moves the reel a magnet switch is activated and sends power to the transmitter that transmits to the receiver. I like what you recommend and I appreciate the answer, the issue is I don't know where to start, you guys are smart at this I am not. Is there a wiring diagram I could follow and a possible program I could reference from?
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    "Looking for help to create a simple multiple (up to 4) 433Mhz transmitters to one receiver"

    This can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. Simple as in keeping with your original post does not require too much, however, the more features and fail safe you add the more complex things become. Starting with simple I would buy a Rolling Code 4-Channel UHF Remote Control (V3) (Kit). The link being just a single example of what is out there. I have one from a project I did years ago, they can be had for much less cost than the link. They can also "learn" from several key fobs. The transmitters are very easily hacked open and the push button tactile switches bypassed using any number of motion sensing switches. Using four key fobs each has a button bypassed as in 1, 2, 3, and 4. The receiver has 4 channels and while a display is a nice touch all you need is 4 LEDs labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4. Actually the receiver board has them already. The receiver also has a few jumpers so each individual channel can be set to latch or only close the relay during button press duration. Open area about a 100 meter range, I have used them at closer range through a concrete wall. A Google of K180V3 will bring up some data sheets on the linked system.

    The problem comes when a fish or anything bumps the pole and your sensor switch opens and closes a few times. That will latch and then unlatch the receiver board relays. To get around this I would use something along the lines of a one shot so you have some delay or an external flip flop circuit which will latch on the first bump and ignore any further bumps till reset. Additionally with some minor creativity the relays on the board could be used to latch something on the receiving end. This way only a key fob would be at each fishing pole location. As to a sensor? Any tilt motion switch should work.

    The downside of all of this is:
    While it can be done relatively inexpensive there is no polling feature so it is far from fail safe. I guess it all depends on how much effort you wish into outsmarting the average fish. That reminds me it's time to take some scallops out of the freezer which I confess I did not catch. I do however have a large lake named Erie loaded with excellent perch and walleye. :)