Looking for any info on: Timonta UC3-27-0,01-1,5/b pulse transformer

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My name is danny from the netherlands and i have a circuit board with a broken part.
the part was made by timonta which transferred over to the company schurter
There is no info on this part or a datasheet so i am hoping anyone here would have more info on these parts or know where to get them.
i only have this old broken part and the part number, i would need more info on it to find a replacement or let a custom one be made.
from schurter i have found similair looking parts in their IL series, but not sure if their specifications match the old pulse transformer:
the part is 23 x 28mm so it would match case 14-8 or case 14-9 from the IL series

any help is welcome, thanks in advance!

Picture of the part:


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Do you know what the pulse transformer is used for?
How did you decide there is something wrong with it?