Looking for a lazy way to amplify a TV remote


Joined Aug 23, 2012
The cheap universal remote I got in the £ shop hits everything in scan mode - even the DAB I'm pointing in the opposite direction to.
I have the similar experienced, so I like to take the remote controller in the direction of my back when I was in the small room, that's why I suggested the refracting method to try, but I'm not sure how many times and how long the infrared signal still can be refract.

The remote signal can be easily reflect from wall, sofas, bookcases or mirrors, woods, if the reflecting signal has enough power or the distance of reflecting materials too short to the TV and the reflecting signal can be received by the TV remote receiver and then the signal transferring is very successful, so you can use this function to play or treat it as interference.

Usually I have to go around taping foil snack packets over the sensor of everything I don't want affected.
Probably you can paste some super thin glass papers to reducing the signal to transmit.