Looking For a Few Android Users to Test an App I am developing.

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Jon Chandler

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Like to find fault in the work of others? Have I got an opportunity for you!

I am developing an Adroid phone app using B4X, which is Basic that supports Adroid, iPhone, Windows and Arduino (including ESP8266/32) with a largely compatible code base. I'm have a little trouble with getting the screen scaling correct for different aspect-ratio screens.

I could use some help from people with different devices to see how my display scales on different screen sizes. The help I need involves downloading the app from the Google Play Store, and taking screen shots of two screens (4 pictures total) and sending them to me. For doing this, you get my hearty thanks and to keep an app (or easily delete it) that's probably of no use to you.

If you're willing, please send me your email address (necessary to download the test file) and device(s) you have.

B4A, the Android part of B4X, is working out really well, but I have made but a scratch on the surface so far. Highly recommended if you're an experienced Basic programmer; it's extremely similar to Visual Basic and free for all platforms but iPhone.