Looking for a Cable Sizing software

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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a Cable Sizing software for MV and LV plants, which has at least the following features:

-> Must have a manageable load list as input (maybe using an excel file);
-> Support more international standards (like IEC, NEC, etc) and not only one specific (I've found lots of good programs but they support only British Stds);
-> Has to evaluate the ampacity of the cables and have a design based on voltage drop and passing through energy;
-> *Should* be a little more calculation-oriented than graphical;
-> Presence of manageable internal cable library;
-> Reports of the sizings done (stds used, cable list, materials, etc).

The only softwares I've found right now are <Mod: deleted links.E> which looks like they have most things I need, but I would like to evaluate more options.

Thanks for your help.


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I would be quite reluctant to trust the sizing of electrical cables to any software that did not show exactly how it did the math. And since the math is not that horribly complex, it is not that hard to do, with the very important benefit of having a detailed path of calculations available for both discussion and defense, if there are ever issues. Being able to show every step from the initial data through the final conclusion can be a very valuable asset.