Logic Level Converter Recommendation - 3.3V to 1.8V

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I am working to interface a STM32 Nucleo Board with a 1.8V chip. Does anyone have a easy to implement logic level conversion recommendation?

I saw this SparkFun "Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional" but it appears to lack in switching speed (50nS or 20MHz per datasheet).

The SPI logic level low is a maximum of 0.55V
The SPI logic level high is a min of 1.25V, typically 1.8V, and an absolute maximum of 2V
The maximum rate of communication to this chip is 50MHz

The goal is to speak SPI to the chip, then take the output of the chip (SDO) and somehow log it. Unsure at the moment if this will need to come back to the Nucleo (MISO) then somehow log it (SD Card?) or if the output can be logged with a timestamp (RTC?)

-Bonus Question -
Can anyone recommend an elegant way to log the output of the 1.8V logic level of the chip?
I saw this SparkFun "OpenLog" and SparkFun "Level Shifting microSD Breakout"