Loading different sounds onto a children’s toy

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Hi y’all. I wanted to change the sounds on my child’s toy. How do I go about doing that? I can’t seem to find anything in the web for help.

Basically it makes different sounds when you press the buttons. I want to be able to change those sounds to, say for example, quotes from movies or whatever.


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The toy probably has the sounds stored in ROM. It will be difficult to re-program it unless you have the design information. Does the toy have any other functionality associated with the electronics? If not, it would be much simpler to replace the whole sound system with something like this:

It plays MP3 data stored on a micro-SD card. It can be used as a stand alone circuit, driving a small speaker, operated by push buttons; see I/O mode in the specifications.


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There is the cheap ISD1820, ebay etc.
But they only record one message.
You could use more than one if only 2 or 3 messages.