LiPo charger using constant Voltage and Ideal battery system design

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    Apr 18, 2009
    I am using a 49.8V constant voltage PS to charge a 12s LiPo at 4.15 V / cell.

    I would like to convert a dc wall adaptor to 4.15V to charge a single cell that is low.

    What would you recommend?



    Imagine if this cell was 10000 instead of 5000.

    Buy 12, wire them in series and you have a 48 V 10000 battery.

    Build a battery box that is also a bike mount with a removeable cover.

    Each cell would have a 10 amp capable "balance" lead.

    Obtain/build 12 4.15V constant voltage supplies. (or whatever V you like to charge)

    Charge each cell seperately.

    No balancing.

    Low cell? Replace.