Li ion cell charging from solar cell

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Hello everyone
I need a help , am a beginner and now I have to design a circuit which will charge 3.7V,1000mAh li ion battery
My input will be either 5V 1 Amp DC from wall adapter or 7V,60 mA from solar cell please suggest me any IC which perform this operation.

Thank you all

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Your solar cell might produce 7V with no load current and produce a maximum current of 60mA only when shorted. But if it actually produces 7V and 60mA at noon on a sunny day when facing directly into the sun then it might average only 20mA for 10 hours each day. It will charge the 1000mAh battery in 1000/ (20x10)= 5 days.

A Lithium-ion battery cell is 4.2V when fully charged and its voltage slowly drops as it is used until about 3.2V when it should be disconnected to avoid damage.
Use a lithium-ion cell battery charger IC.