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Dear all,

Just to let you know: i do not have an professional electronics background, but i am into electronics more on a hobbyist level i would say.

So my current project ist dealing with an low noise ADC: AD7193, with which i would like to read an analog signal in the range of +/-10 Volt.
To achieve this i need something like a 1:10 divider giving me range of +/- 1V.
The range the ADC can handle, according to the data sheet AD7193 is: -/+ (AVDD -1.25V) ~ -3.75V to +3.75V.
What confuses me here the most, is: this is a single supply device, why can the input handle voltages below ground?

At the moment i think the most reasonable to read the intented +/- 10 Volt signal, would be with AD8275 as in the circuit note: CN0209.
This op amp has a reference, and a fixed gain of 0.2, giving an output that would fit my needs, but: this device is dedicated for 16 bit applications, so here are some more questions coming up in my mind.

So this is my current standpoint. I hope anyone could help me, by giving some advice, what would be the easiest way of doing this.

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hi Ste,
Welcome to AAC.
I would point out that it will 'tolerate' the 'absolute' below voltages on the Analog pins not give a Digital output.
This under voltage limit is typical of many semiconductor devices.
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