Lets take a look on a linear amplifier

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    Sep 5, 2019
    Hi there,

    Hope my post find you well.
    I like to get attention the knowledgeble person in this post !
    So, kindly avoid this post if you wont have experience.

    I wanna post a circuit that may be explained by Dr. Kolar, a famous Swiss or Austrian proffesor.

    I need to know this application well, because I want to develope a 3-phase-calibrator.
    My application needs to amplify signal to a certain level. Class D switching is necessary!

    Here we go ....
    Explain kindly
    1. Why we need to think SNR for this case?
    2. Why we need to think frequency gain voltage booster? Loop gain!
    3. Explain impedences, transcondactance etc for whole circuit.
    4. How the voltage and current is being controlled here?

    Thanks a lot!