Left hand or right hand rule

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I'm confused with the left hand and right hand rule as it's relates to knowing the current direction within generators and motors.

The textbook we are using for our class is Electricity 1 by Thomas Kubala. In this book, the left hand rule is applied to generators and the right hand rule is applied to motors. However upon looking on the internet for more information, it appears that most links (of what I believe are reputable sources) state the left hand rule is for motors and the right hand is for generators.

I have a hard time believing that the textbook is incorrect. I also am not disputing what I'm reading online.

What am I failing to understand here....


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There are several explanations...and therefore confusion about this.

IMO.....it comes down to what polarity of charge....OR of current, that you are using.

For positive current(conventional current).....use right hand rule.

For negative current(electron flow) or negative charge.....use left hand rule.


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I have a video on YouTube that illustrates this but i'd have to find it :)
It uses a CRT oscilloscope electron beam as the 'current source' and shows how it bends with a nearby magnetic field.