LEDs on music using Corsair link

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    Jan 19, 2015
    Hello, I am new here on this forum.
    I like to build pc's and I have currently got one with a Corsair Link Lightning Kit: http://www.corsair.com/se-fi/corsair-link-lightning-node
    It has a lot of features which for example let you choose the color using a program on your pc.
    I just want to add another feature, I would like it to like dim when there is a hard sound.
    You can compare it to the effect when you have a big subwoofer the lights dim a little bit every time it uses a lot of power.
    I have seen a lot of schematics but they are always using a seperate power supply and such while this thing already delivers the power, it would probably be the easiest to have a resistant which gives more resistance when it gets more sound.
    I dunno if this would be possible though, probably not because this would be to easy. ;P

    I also want to be able to keep using the software to change the colours.
    4 wires go to the LEDs, probably Red, Green, Blue and ground.
    To keep using the software I would probably have to put 1 circuit on each wire (except ground).
    But I'd also like to be able to turn that mode off using a switch on the front.
    So instead of dimming with sound it just keeps on.
    I would like to make it in a 5,25'' bay so those switches can be put on the front.
    But then I would probably have to make one switch for each wire.
    I have 3 groups and 4 can be made at the moment so that means I would need 3x4=12 switches.

    I hope you still have got an idea of what I want.
    I don't know if what I say could be made, is right or if it just nonsense, that's why I came here to get help from you guys, I hope you can help me. ;)

    Btw, remember I don't really know much of circuits, I get some basic things about electrics at school but that's all probably.