LED Timer Circuit with Buzzer

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    Oct 21, 2014
    Hey everyone. Just wondering if someone out there can offer some advice on how to complete a project I am working on. Basically what I am trying to achieve is a countdown timer using an LED set to turn on for a specific time, and once it has turned off, to have a buzzer beep twice only for 1 second beep duration with 1 second intervals between beeps. I will post a schematic of how I am going so far, but my issue is, as I am relatively new to circuit building, I am unsure of what component to use to have a beeper beep twice only for a set duration once the LED turns off. I have wired the LED to light for 10 seconds then turn off using a switch and 555 in monostable, but now I'm stuck on what to use for the next part. I've seen plenty of ideas on how to get a buzzer to beep in astable mode and with a flashing LED etc, but I feel this is slightly different and intriguing.
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    Love your enthusiasm, but you're about 3 beers short of a six-pack.
    Lay out the block diagram.
    (1) count off 10 seconds (done)
    (2) design a circuit that counts 1 second at a time, on then off
    (3) design a circuit that drives an audio signal to a noise maker during the "on" time of the second timer.
    (4) design a feedback loop that disables the 10 second timer until the other timers are finished.
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    You will need either 2 of the circuits designed in step 2, or a circuit to count up to 2.