Lead Acid batteries for electric bicycle

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Hello all, This might be my first post here. I am looking
for someone with specific experience of using lead acid
batteries for powering an electric (assist) bicycle. I would
use Lithium chemistry but I live in Ecuador and importing
anything is a hassle.....those batteries top the list because
of their nature and history.

I would use deep cycle types. The load, the motor, hasn't
been purchased (I am making the trade-offs now) but
something between 350W and 1500W. The trip time is
short. Any tricks to make the normal lead acid a better
fit with the requirements of peddle assisting?

I might just try to use a normal (and less expensive) vehicle
battery. Then match the demand of a car...ie a dead
short (the starter) a couple of times a day (going full power
up a hill) and otherwise a 20A drain to 80% capacity and
daily top off. Should then last as long as it would in a car.

I think I'll build the bike in Maine in the summer and when
I fly south again take it with me. Still can not fly with the Li ion
power pack I would want. 4800 Watt hours would be nice



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Standard UPS unit batteries work really well for small EV applications beng they are basically a mini deep cycle battery and designed to work with high load applications with the high likely hood of having to sit in a discharged state for some time before being recharged.

If the bike is for a full sized adult I would go with the biggest motor and batteries that you can fit. 350 watts doesn't do much for anyone who is much over kid sized.

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I read thru the reference links, thanks. I was surprised that in China the
SLA was most common, price being an over "riding" criteria.

I would agree with the power level. Having 1500 watt motor doesn't
mean the rider must run at that power level all the time.

I am in Ecuador most of the year and that is the wild card in these
projects. Otherwise Li ion and ebay, slam dunk....not easy here. But
then I am not shoveling snow right now, another trade off.

Thanks all for the input.