Laptop fan connector


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Looks like your pictured fan uses a 4 wire fan. While the colors used may change the pinouts are generally the same. A Google of "4 pin pc fan pinout" will give you the pinout. Also a Google of 4 wire fan speed controller will give you solutions like this one which can drive 3 fans. If you just want to have the fan run at maximum speed tie the +12 Volt pin to the PWM signal pin.

The male connector should use this pinout:
4 Pin Fan Header.png

Generally these are as follows:
1. Ground
2. 12 Volts
3. Sense (Tach Output)
4. Control (PWM INPUT)



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Some kind of JST connector? It looks like a smaller pitch than the 0.1" spacing found on PC motherboards. I'd be tempted to just chop the connector off and replace it with a 0.1" pitch Molex/Dupont style connector. One source would be the 3.5" floppy power connector from an old PC power supply harness.

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Pin spacing is 1,5mm.
The motherboard is from an Acer laptop. I could cut the wires but hoped I could find the connector.


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More than just pin spacing, the mating connector has to match the same profile and locking system. Also, there's probably a clocking pin to prevent it from being plugged in the wrong way.


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I'm trying to convert a laptop to a server. Want to improve the cooling, but can't find the correct connector name / model?
That is a molex connector. Contact; their people will be happy to identify it specifically- you cold probably even get a sample for free...