LA 7555 timer

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Hi, everyone,

I have been having problems with the original 555 timer (version NE555). On the Internet, I found out that this is a common problem: when the power supply's voltage suddenly changes, a false triggering occurs. Also, I read about the CMOS versions of 555 and their "immunity" to this problem. I want to use a CMOS 555 timer, but in my city I can only find the LA7555 CI. Google tells me much about some versions as ICM7555, LMC555 or TLC555, but little about LA7555. Even by the datasheet I couldn't have many conclusions. Do you guys know something about the LA timer? Is it as good as the other ones seem to be? Is it worth buying?


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I can't find any other id number as LA7555, so I think LA7555 is not one kind of NE555 or CMOS type, it is an IF Signal Processing (VIF+SIF) Cricuit for TV/VCR Use.