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    Jul 9, 2017
    Hi I'm a new to the forum bit I need some help I'm trying to wire a keyless entry on my 1995 Isuzu trooper ls from what I read in the installation book I have every thing wired right bit when I use the key thob that is with the keyless entry it blows the fuse in the vehicle to the lock buttons in the doors do I need to reverse the polarity of the lock and unlock wires coming from the after market keyless entry brain and if so what do I need to buy to do so
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    Jan 28, 2017
    You should make sure that your system is wired as stated. Please note that the Door locks being Ground don't mean that you can use the Keyless without Relays. Unless it is a unit with Relays already built in. Most times the output for the doorlocks are only like 250mA and your locks need more constant ground. This can be T-Tapped into the lock system.

    May want to make sure your system is using a ground to your locks. If it is tripping the fuse that sounds like your tapped into the wrong wire for the doorlocks.

    Constant 12V+ (Color) White/Black IN Ignition Switch Harness
    Starter (Color) Black/White IN Ignition Switch Harness
    Ignition (Color) Black/Yellow IN Ignition Switch Harness
    Ignition 2 (Color) Black/Red IN Ignition Switch Harness
    Accessory (Color) Blue IN Ignition Switch Harness
    Tach (Color) Black/Red AT Multi Coil Pack ((UNDERHOOD))
    Brake Switch (Color) Green/Yellow AT Brake Switch
    Trunk Pin (Color) Black/White (-) Rear Light or Loom from Fuse Panel
    Parking Lights (Color) Green/Red Passenger's Kick Panel
    Head Lamp (Color) Red/Black (-) Light Switch
    Hood Pin (Color) Red/White (-) Hood Pin Switch or Brown/White (-) at Theft Module
    Factory Disarm (Color) Orange/Red (-) Driver's Kick panel or Orange/Black (-) at OEM Alarm
    Door Trigger (Color) Black/White (-) Passenger's A Pillar or Loom (-)Loom from Fuse Panel
    Door Lock (Color) Green/Red (-) Driver's Kick panel
    Door Unlock (Color) Green/Blue (-) Driver's Kick panel
    Horn Wire (Color) Black/Orange (-) Steering Column