Is there a multimeter that can test inductance as well as volts, amps, resistance, capacitance, etc.

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    Oct 23, 2016
    I have been looking to get a proper multimeter because the one I currently use is from harbor freight and regularly requires percussive maintenance to get a reading that's even close to being accurate. I did some looking around and found many great multimeters online, but couldn't find any that were able to measure the usual multimeter stuff (volts, amps, resistance) as well as inductance.

    I have seen LCR meters before, but I want just one multimeter. I've read that inductance testing requires additional circuitry and that adds to the cost, but I figured that some company would add it to one of their multimeters and just increase the price. I was wondering if anyone knows of a multimeter that can measure AC/DC volts, DC current, resistance, capacitance, diodes, and inductance.
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    Nov 29, 2014
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    sure... like
    MASTECH MS8269

    what is your favorite search engine? what is your budget? any other requirements?
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    Oct 23, 2016
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    I never buy a meter that I cannot test against a circuit against a known good meter. Did that once. Would up with a bad meter. Took it back to the store, and showed them how it failed, then went and got another, it failed too. In the end, I decided no more runaround with garbage meters, and went to a source I could trust-- Fluke. I got a Fluke 289. Pricey-- absolutely. But I'll never ever have to buy another one, or wonder if the meter is correct.
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    I got myself one of these. At $119.00 dlls, I consider it a bargain.

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    Mar 14, 2015
    Cmartinez I say it's nice touch how it displays impedance in polar (by which I mean vector) format:)!
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    I've seen Fluke's off too way off
    This from there page maybe a job there Fluke Calibration they pay good LOL
    no wonder they cost so much. But where i worked they had the meters Calibration checked 2 times a year or if you dropped it.
    that was about once a month for some people.
    Screenshot from 2018-01-16 20-26-32.png
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    Personally, I'll always have more than one multimeter. It's good to have two in order to measure voltage and current simultaneously. You'll always need something separate for measuring capacitance, inductance, and low resistance to some decent accuracy. The UNI-T UT611 is probably a good compromise IMO between cost and accuracy.
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