Is jaygatsby back?

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Still wondering where the fun is for that kind of people. First that comes to mind is they waste their TIME! The sole asset you cannot recover...


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What annoys me more than the troll, is the people who feel the need to give a troll attention. Looking at the thread in question, there are 15 posts in it, only 4 which are from the 'troll' if you like. Most of the replies are useless fluff such as "what?" which serves no purpose if the OP is or isnt a troll. Further to the 11 replies the 'troll' has so far received, they now have an entire thread devoted to them in off topic.

If you just ignore posts you deem to be 'trolls' and just use the report button and then forget the thread even exists, you do a whole more good than constantly bumping the 'troll' thread up in the sub forum.

By replying (albeit it with somewhat snarky replies) and creating a thread for one set of 'troll' posts, you are doing nothing except giving the troll what they want. Even if their profile gets banned, whats to stop them from making another and doing the same again in the same forum, knowing they will get a bite from some members. If you just ignore the posts altogether, then they get no attention, may make a few junk posts, then wander off to find somewhere else to get a bite.

See rule 14 of the internet...
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