Is it safe touching the neutral wire of my design?


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Depending upon distance from the control point to the point switching is to take place, perhaps one of those low cost radio controlled outlet or lamp socket switches would be a good solution.

I used one for years to switch a lamp on and off from bed -my arms weren't quite long enough to reach. Still aren't :)


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Alexa can solve this for you.

You’ll need wireless in your home.

Purchase a Smartswitch or Smartplug. Connect the device in your home by using this smart device.

Download the Alexa app. Connect it to the Smartswitch or Smartplug. Use your phone(s) to control the device in your home.

Other smart devices probably will work. I’m just familiar with the Amazon products.

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After I checked about some cheap magnetic switches, these are designed for Normal Open only and not intended to work in ac source. So the design has to be reshaped again.

Yes, the wireless plugs etc are good alternatives but a bit costly.

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Many of you have mentioned the wiring and installation regulations applied to the country. So are there similar regulations applied to device of dc source?


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A DC supply would indicate a individual appliance or device, if there is no galvanic isolation (transformer etc) between device and AC service supply, then over 60vdc the device should be earth grounded.